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Energy Healing

Rejuvenate with Earth Goddess Healing

You are on this planet for a divine purpose. As a gifted Reiki therapist, I integrate a range of techniques to allow you to elevate to your highest potential. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Treatment Options

Reiki Healing
Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

Balance Your Chakras

This Reiki treatment removes blockages that can contribute to self-sabotaging tendencies so that you can activate your own natural healing processes, restore your physical and emotional well-being, and better connect with your own innate wisdom. Once all of your chakras are opened and balanced through professional chakra balancing, we end the session with a divine message from your guides through a soul-driven oracle reading.

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing

Energy is not bound by time or space

Energy healing is a service that can be received anywhere in the world and offers the same benefits as my in-person sessions. It leaves patients feeling relaxed, renewed, and aligned with their natural intuitive gifts.

Yoga by the Ocean

Earth Goddess Healer

You have simply forgotten; I'm here to help you remember

At Earth Goddess Healing, I specialize in energy work and offer various services to support your health and wellness and help you live a happy, fulfilled life. I want to help you feel your very best. When you’re looking for aura cleansing and holistic healing from a professional Reiki practitioner, make an appointment in the Hollywood, FL, area today.

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